2015, Italian Coffee's Special Year


In 2015, Lavazza, a leading authentic Italian global family company, celebrated its 120th anniversary. Indeed, the company had many reasons to celebrate: innovation, entrepreneurship and – more importantly – a passion for quality and for providing authentic Italian coffee experiences to coffee-lovers everywhere.

Cascina Cuccagna & Sustainability Hub, Expo 2015, Innovation Center


As lead global PR agency, Edelman combined the opportunity to spend a year sharing the many stories Lavazza had to tell by leveraging the company’s presence at the World Expo both in and around Milan. The international fair allowed Lavazza to strategically leverage a global platform to create a year’s worth of engaging and compelling storytelling opportunities, focused on key institutional messages.


Lavazza at the forefront of news and global conversation

7.300 articles globally

+57% increase in online conversation

ISSpresso, the first ever coffee launched in space with Samantha Cristoforetti, generated over a billion impressions on twitter.

A successful financial year

Positioned as #1 in Italy and #6 coffee company worldwide
20 billion cups of coffee drunk in more 90 countries
1.474 million Euros in revenue in 2015, 53% from outside Italy (a 9,6% increase from the previous year)

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