Morro da Mineira Project


The way the world uses energy is changing. The population is rapidly growing, cities are bigger and people move further. By the middle of this century, global energy demand is expected to rise 75% and current resources cannot support this increase.

By inspiring people to consider science studies and careers and to become the game-changing energy experts of the future, Shell hopes to ensure progress on this journey keeps pace with the world’s growing energy challenge.


Innovative Energy Solution

Shell with JWT refurbished a run-down community football pitch in Morro da Mineira, a Rio de Janeiro favela, with a unique innovative energy solution. Shell used kinetic paving tile technology, laying them under the pitch surface to capture the energy from football players’ movement.

Combined with solar panels, this energy is then converted into renewable electricity for the pitch’s new floodlights.


Media Launch Event With a global footballing legend

Edelman tapped into the world’s passion for football to help people think differently about energy and the power of science. We brought the story to life with powerful video assets and invited the world’s media to the launch event with global football legend… Pele.


Pieces of coverage

Social media reach

The Shell Morro Da Mineira project achieved 300+ pieces of coverage across 20 countries. 35.2 million users were reached via social media with 50.8K total engagements, and 38 pieces of organic content posted across Shell and Pelé's social channels.

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