Zero Gravity Unboxing


HP’s entry-level Pavilion X2 laptop is ideally suited for the young teenage market. But, this audience don’t engage with the traditional paid channels that large brands like HP are used to using.


10 coolest things to do in zero gravity

We took YouTube sensation Marcus Butler, famous for his ‘10 things’ videos, to the edge of space. He showed his audience the 10 coolest things to do in zero gravity. And we made sure the most impressive one was an epic unboxing of HP’s Pavilion X2 laptop, of course.

The film created was so spectacular, that even his teenage audience took notice.


If the unboxing was epic, the results were spectacular.

Video views:

Positive sentiment:

The video has received over 1.7m views to date, with more than 900,000 engagements across paid and organic posts.
Sentiment was 94% positive sentiment, higher than any recent HP campaign.
The video also had the lowest CPE (0.05p) on any recent paid content by HP.

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